Inspiring tales of help for others

WELCOME to another bumper edition of Downend Voice – 88 pages!
It seems more and more local businesses are welcoming the chance to advertise their services and increasing numbers of individuals and groups are keen to share their stories. Who said print was in decline?!
The key is that we are a truly local publication, as are our nine sister Voice papers around the area. We are part of our community. This month, as always, we have so many inspiring tales to tell.
Look at Jenny Wookey, Emma Wood, Paula Banks and Shaun Skinner, who have all turned the tragic impact of cancer in their lives into positive action to help others.
Then there are the young people of Christ Church, who have again played their part in the Bristol Noise event and the lovely ladies who raise thousands for the Variety charity.
This month will see many more voluntary e orts for good causes or just for fun at the many community events that are being planned around the area. If
you are holding a summer fair or other activity, let us know so we can include it in our listings and share it on our social media feeds. And don't forget to send us a photo afterwards!
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