Animal sanctuary is stretched to the limit

Published on: 31 Oct 2013

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AN animal sanctuary in Staple Hill is bursting with bunnies after staging a major rescue mission.

Pet lover Bev Taylor and other volunteers last month took in 17 rabbits that had been running wild in a garden.

“We had to catch them free range. It was not an easy task,” said Bev.

The rescue brings the total number of rabbits being looked after by Bev and her team to about 60. The sanctuary is also caring for 30 guinea pigs.

Some of the animals are with Bev at her home, where she also runs a rabbit boarding service, others with Sharon Porton in Shirehampton, and many more in a network of “foster homes”.

Bev and Sharon, who run The Littlest Rescue sanctuary, are desperately seeking permanent homes for some of the creatures. They are also in continual need of funds for feed and vets’ bills.

All rabbits and guinea pigs are vaccinated, and neutered or speyed before they go to new homes.

“We are stretched as never before. We have had a number of animals handed in that needed a great deal of medical attention and we are feeling the strain of the big rescue. We are so grateful to our supporters,” said Sharon.

Bev, who has been an animal lover all her life and ran the Noah’s Ark in Downend from 1995-2005, said a large part of their work was trying to educate people about having rabbits or guinea pigs as pets.

“Some people see a rabbit almost as a throwaway pet . They don’t realise it is a long commitment. A rabbit can live as long as a cat or dog,” she said.

“Rabbits are sociable animals so we try to encourage people to take them in pairs.”

For more details about The Littlest Rescue,
visit or call 0117 9561981

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