Barley Close looks forward to bright future

Published on: 07 Sep 2015

BARLEY Close Community Primary School in Mangotsfield

BARLEY Close Community Primary School in Mangotsfield is optimistic about the future as it prepares for the new school year.
The school plans to build on the findings of its latest Ofsted inspection, which found that things were on the up.
It also welcomes a new head teacher, Jo Williams.
The inspectors who visited the 367-pupil school in June  gave it an overall rating of “requires improvement”.
Joe Beament, acting headteacher from 2013-2015, said  many of the comments in the report were encouraging, showing that the school is on the right track.
Ofsted said: “The senior leaders have taken effective action to improve teaching and raise achievement, and are leading an improving school.”
The report noted that pupils were making better progress, especially in reading and  enjoyed school, as shown by their good attendance. It said that relationships throughout the school were good and most children had good attitudes to learning.
Praising the school’s early years provision, Ofsted commented: “Children make good progress in the early years because of the good management and teaching in the nursery and reception classes.”
Mr Beament said: “As you can see from the report, the school has been on a significant journey since 2013 and is an improving school where leaders have taken effective action to improve teaching and raise attainment.
“During this time, we have implemented a number of rapid improvements in order to improve outcomes at the end of Key Stage 2. Examples of these improvements are evident in our strong early years’ provisions, being judged as ‘Good’, and that the quality of teaching is improving, behaviour is better, and the achievement of pupils is rising after some years of little progress. The improvements we have implemented have ensured more effective and consistent teaching across the school.
“We are proud of the improvements we have made and that this has been recognised by Ofsted. The report is in line with the school’s own self-evaluation and a true reflection of where the school is at this point in time – an improving school with the capacity to improve further.”
With regard to the school’s next steps, Ofsted suggested areas for development that the school has already started to implement and,  as stated in the report, now need “fine tuning”.
The report recommends that the school improves teaching by setting suitably challenging tasks for all pupils and developing their questioning skills; continues to raise pupils’ attainment and rate of improvement, particularly in mathematics; and improves leadership and management by refining and focussing closely on the remaining school priorities for improvement.
A full copy of the report can be viewed at

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