Charity rabbits on about bunny car!Charity rabbits on about bunny car!

Published on: 23 Jun 2017

MEET Chewy. With his long whiskers, pink shiny nose and grey fur, he certainly looks like a rabbit, albeit an extremely large one. But in fact Chewy is a fully working car.

He certainly is one of the more unusual adoptions for rabbit and guinea pig charity The Littlest Rescue and will act as a mascot, appearing at events, fairs and fetes.

Chewy, a Ford Ka, was purchased by the Staple Hill-based charity from eBay but needed lots of work to pass his MOT and become roadworthy.

Littlest Rescue founder Bev Taylor said it was love it first sight, but it was a complete fluke the charity ended up with the four-wheeled friend.

"It was on eBay for sale and we thought 'We've got to get that!' We bid on it after watching it daily but someone outbid us at the very last second. Luckily the person with the winning bid pulled out and we got to get the bunny car."

The car was in Surrey and had no MOT but the charity managed to organise for someone to pick him up on a low loader trailer.

Bev said: "It failed its MOT terribly to the point someone told us we'd have to scrap it but we thought it meant too much to us to do that. We found a mechanic who was able to repair it and get it through the MOT.

"We named him Chewy after one of my own rabbits that passed away. He's got teeth, eyes, whiskers, tail and massive ears. He's definitely going to be quite a celebrity and has already got his own Facebook page."

Chewy has to be garaged at night and in inclement weather because his body-work is coated with imitation fur and can't get wet.

On the few occasions Chewy has been out so far, he has proved a huge hit.

"He will be used as an educational resource at shows and events to show how special these animals are," said Bev.

"I've only driven Chewy to one show so far but the attention that he brings is unbelievable. People have been waving and flashing us as we drive along. We've even noticed that people have been posting photos on Facebook saying 'Look what we spotted today!'"

If you'd like to book Chewy for your event, please contact Littlest Rescue events coordinator Sue O'Reilly on 07855 751692.


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