Children go on parking patrol

Published on: 28 Jul 2017


CHILDREN at Barley Close Primary children are working alongside the police and councillors to try to combat inconsiderate parking.

Following meetings with Councillor Michael Bell and PCSO Michael Holton, they have started a ‘three strike’ system.

The children posted letters to local residents explaining the scheme, which has proved successful in Yate. They are asking parents and residents to record the registration of any offending vehicle, the reason they feel it is parked inconsiderately and the time and date.

The police will send the registered keeper a warning letter. If the same registration is reported a second time, the offender will get a home visit from a PCSO or police officer. On the third time they would be likely to receive a ticket, which could result in points on the driver’s licence. 

Head teacher Jo Williams said the scheme had proved successful in Yate and she hoped it would have the same effect in Mangotsfield.

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