Children marvel at newborn chicks

Published on: 31 Mar 2015

frome vale academy


STUDENTS at Frome Vale Academy in Downend are working on an exciting living eggs project.

It started with the arrival of ten chick eggs in an incubator. Students watched the process of nine out of the ten chicks hatching out before they were moved into their brooder box.

The children are now in the process of looking after and caring for the chicks and watching them grow.They have witnessed the chicks gain their first feathers and worked out how many male and female chicks they had. They then thought of names for them and finally when they were big enough and strong enough to come out of the brooder box, they gave them a long awaited cuddles.

Parents have also visited the primary academy in Frenchay Road to see the chicks.

Alison Edmunds, infant phase leader, said: “This has really been a fun teaching and learning project for our students, which they have enjoyed immensely. But, it is also an integral part of their curriculum where we ask students to investigate ‘how do living things change?’ We continually strive to give Frome Vale Academy students exciting and amazing learning opportunities and this is just one.”

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