Cinders in Converse?

Published on: 30 Jan 2017

CINDERELLA and her friends may be more keen on Converses than glass slippers, and in getting an education and living a full life than marrying a prince, but the magic is still there in our up to date version of Cinderella, our pantomime service at Christ Church Downend on Sunday February 5 at 10.30 am, writes Anita Dobson.  

A pantomime in a church service? You must be mad! Oh, no we’re not!  It’s just our way of bringing some joy and laughter into our worship. If you love panto, then many of the regular ingredients are there – the ugly sisters, Meanie and Vain who pick on newly-arrived refugee Cindy; the villain, Cinderella’s host father Ivor Temper;  and Mrs Halo, who  breaks the mould as a fairy godmother. Her magic is far more powerful and useful than being able to make pumpkins into stage coaches …


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