Claire’s zest for life fuels life-long ambition

Published on: 01 Sep 2014

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HOW was your holiday? If you were lucky enough to escape the rat-race for a week or two, you may have found yourself sampling the sangria or polishing off the pasties. The likelihood is you are now feeling a little sluggish and eager to get rid of those excess pounds.

Enter nutritionist Claire Stone.

The Emersons Green mum has launched a successful e-book aimed at getting us feeling healthier and putting the zing back in our lives.

The Juice Party is aimed at people who don’t have the time - or the inclination - to detox or diet. Yes, as the book’s title suggests, it’s full of juicing recipes but the aim is to introduce a few drinks into your normal day. You really don’t have to go all out  à la Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 40-year-old hit upon the idea of writing a book after suffering that all too familiar post-holiday bloated feeling last year.

“After our family holiday last summer, I felt I really needed to eat healthily after all that ice-cream,” said Claire.

“As I’m a nutritonist, as a family we eat quite well but I had a feeling of needing a ‘vitamin injection’, or so to speak. Rather than do it by myself, I decided to  to see if anyone else wanted to try having two juices a day just for a week to give us a post-holiday boost. 

“I put the idea out to people on my email list and was amazed when 40 people signed up for it! We didn’t go too crazy; we just had some extra juices.

“It just felt really nice to get rid of that holiday ‘I’ve eaten too much’ feeling. After the week was up, everyone said what a brilliant idea it was so I decided to rewrite the recipes into a book. I put it on Amazon and then, boom, lots of people bought it.”

And people seem to be impressed. The ebook has received numerous reviews, all of them five star. 

“This book is all about the power of introducing small healthy habits in a fun way, not about starvation or impossible diets that make your body yo-yo,” said one reviewer.

Claire, who lives with husband Steve and children Zoie, eight, and Addie, six, said she had now achieved a life-time ambition.

“I’ve always wanted to write something as I’ve enjoyed writing all my life. Now I have a subject - nutrition - I can write about. My friends all think it’s amazing I’ve actually done it and I’m an author.”

Claire would love to turn the book into a paperback but the expense involved has put paid to those plans for the moment.

“I don’t think I have a big enough name for publishers to be interested in me at the moment and I quite like the idea of publishing myself and retaining the rights to everything. You don’t have as much freedom, although you would have their publishing expertise.”

Now Claire has got the bug for writing there seems to be no stopping her.

“I have ideas for other books including a detox book which I hope to bring out this autumn. One is definitely going to be all about chocolate. It sounds boring but it will be a light-hearted and funny look at alternatives to eating chocolate.”

Claire became interested in nutrition after working as PA to the chief executive of Penny Brohn Cancer Care, a charity which advocates healthy eating to support the wellbeing of people with cancer.

“It’s where I received my introduction to nutrition,” she said.

“I really learnt a lot about the benefits of eating well and being healthy and not just relying on medicine for your overall health.”

Claire works from home, using her website -  - to communicate. Technology means Claire can meet clients via Skype, so literally the world is her oyster.

She sees people with a range of issues including weight problems, fitness, irritable bowel syndrome,  arthritis, skin complaints and low energy.

“I love it when you help someone connect different things together to find out why they are feeling so tired in the morning. Perhaps it’s what they are eating in the evening or their coffee addiction but it becomes an ‘a-ha’ moment and that’s amazing because you just know you have changed someone’s life.”

*The Juice Party: Add zing to your life in a super simple and healthy way is available from Amazon and costs £2.40.

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