Colour popping

Published on: 28 May 2016

trio of red

THESE striking images were created by members of the Lincombe Barn Camera Club using a technique known as colour popping. Ted Foster, who used it on his photo of the Merchant Navy Memorial at Welsh Back, said: “This is rather an eye-catching effect. The whole picture is reduced to monochrome, with only the main point of interest still in full colour. It is easy to do, with the appropriate editing programme, the picture is duplicated, the top copy reduced to monochrome, then the parts to be coloured are erased from the monochrome copy.”
Rachel Domleo created the Triptych ‘trio of Red’ using the same technique on three photographs from a series depicting hands.
She said that although the images worked in terms of scale and subject, some of the colours were rather dull and uninteresting.
To try and remedy this, she removed the entire colour spectrum except red.
“It was the missing element that linked the pictures together successfully. A complementary tone was added to the mono elements for a slightly more artistic look,” she added.
The club is happy to demonstrate the technique at one of its meetings. If you are interested, find out details

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