Conquer your fear of flying

Published on: 28 Aug 2013


Rev Jo Vickery - Vicar of Christ Church Downend

AS part of the Summer Sunday services for all ages at Christ Church we’ve been treated to some stories from Monty Mouse (who has a strong following on Facebook). One week, the children heard about a rather nervous baby bird who was too frightened to go near the edge of the nest in case he fell out. As time went on and the little bird grew, his mother started to call him to come to the edge and, well, launch off into thin air! After much persuasion from the adult bird (and the congregation) the young one took courage and, with a little nudge, went for it, trusting his parent in spite of the evidence! 

The story put me in mind of a poem by Christopher Logue:

Come to the edge.                                                                                                                                           

We might fall.                                                                                                                                           

Come to the edge.

It’s too high!


And they came,

And he pushed,

And they flew.

I wonder how many times I have held back from attempting things for fear that I might fail, or I might get hurt – and of course, there will always be another chance to do that. But then again, there may not.  Living life ‘on the edge’ is not a safe way to live and I am learning that the LIFE God calls me to live is to be more about faith and less about fear. 

Faith, as the Bible often portrays it, is not so much a state of mind, a way of thinking or even believing, but rather it is more an act of the will that is rooted in a deep confidence in the always-present God.  “Do not fear!”   was a phrase used more than any other by Jesus. Why? Because he knew how easy it is for people to play safe, and stay away from the edge. 

It may be that there is something stirring deep down which is calling you to ‘come to the edge’ and not stay safe. There were plenty of examples in Downend Voice last month of people and groups taking high impact initiatives – young Hollie literally leaping 160 feet from a crane to raise money following the shocking death of her school friend on his moped; the setting up of a local food bank and the opening of Downend Connect; the creation of a Spiritual Garden in a school, and another school showing a passion for Trade Justice. These things don’t just happen of course. They come about when people of any age hear a call to come to the edge, listen to their fears but overcome them because they believe it really is worth taking a risk to make a difference that changes lives.

 God’s parent heart wants us to learn to fly, and do so in the sure knowledge that with his wind under our wings, we can!

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