Conservatives take control of South Glos Council

Published on: 08 Jun 2015

CONSERVATIVES have taken control of South Gloucestershire Council after gaining seven seats at the local elections last month.
The party now has 40 councillors while the Lib Dems have 16 and Labour 40.
Before the election, no one party had a majority. The Tories won five seats from the Lib Dems, one  from Labour and one from Ukip.
Downend’s three Conservative councillors, Janet Biggin, Kathy Morris and Jon Hunt, retained their seats.
In Emersons Green, new Conservative councillor Rachael Hunt topped the poll, with Colin Hunt and Dave Kearns taking the other two seats in the ward for the party.
Labour’s Councillor Michael Bell held on to his Rodway seat and is joined by two Tories, John Sullivan and Judy Adams.
Shirley Potts and Ian Boulton were re-elected as Labour councillors for Staple Hill.
The Tory leader Matthew Riddle has said that he hopes to get rid of the unpopular “bin tax”, whereby residents have to pay £36 a year to have their green garden waste bins emptied.
Janet Biggin, Conservative, 3488
Jon Hunt, Conservative, 3421
Kathy Morris, Conservative, 2945
Julie Snelling, Labour, 2126
Bill Bowrey, Labour 2084
Wendy Bowrey, Labour 2044
Howard Gawler, Lib Dem 794
Tony Wallis, Lib Dem 718
Paul Hulbert, Lib Dem 678
Rachael Hunt, Conservative 3403
Colin Hunt, Conservative 3299
Dave Kearns, Conservative 2913
Caroline Johnson, Labour 1817
Martin Baker, Labour 1655
Gordon Richards, Labour 1534
Matt Pitts, UKIP 1127
Andrew Riches, Lib Dem 746
Teresa Lawrance, Lib Dem 555
Alan Lawrance, Lib Dem 535
John Sullivan, Conservative 2489
Michael Bell, Labour 2444
Judy Adams, Conservative 2392
Rich Nichols, Conservative 2314
Sandie Davis, Labour 2181
Eric Hargrave, Labour 2076
John Ford, Lib Dem 543
Wully Perks, Lib Dem 419
Peter Tyzack, Lib Dem, 334
Ian Boulton, Labour 3409
Shirley Potts, Labour 3214
Elizabeth Shepherd, Conservative 1901
Elaine Hardwick, Conservative 1153
Kenton Boon, Lib Dem 443
Richard Parkinson, Lib Dem 359

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