Could your business pay living wage?

Published on: 05 May 2014

PEOPLE who run businesses in the Downend area are being asked what barriers they face in paying people a wage that covers the cost of living.

This follows the news that the Kingswood parliamentary constituency is the worst blackspot for low pay in England, with nearly half of people being paid less than the living wage of £7.65 an hour.

Labour parliamentary candidate Jo McCarron plans to survey hundreds of businesses in the area.

She is also keen to hear from businesses who already pay the living wage about the benefits it brings them.

Ms McCarron said that although it was a surprise to learn that Kingswood was the worst hit in the whole of the UK, it was in line with her own findings on the doorstep that people across the constituency are feeling the squeeze on their wages and household budgets.

“The vast majority of people in Kingswood have a good work ethic. But it is profoundly unfair that people who are just trying to do the right thing by taking work when they can, end up in jobs that don’t cover the costs of rising bills. This is just not good enough – people in Kingswood deserve a better deal for their hard work.”

Ms McCarron said she was proud that Labour councillors in South Gloucestershire had taken the initiative to ensure the living wage was secured to all those working for the council, and that now the council had agreed to look at extending the living wage to businesses with council contracts.


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