Councillor Janet Biggins

Published on: 06 May 2013

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Meet your councillor

JANET Biggin is one of three elected representatives for Downend. She has served on South Gloucestershire Council since May 2007 and for the past year has been chair of the council. Janet is a member of the Conservative Party.

How long have you lived in the Bristol area?

63 years

What made you become a councillor?  Wishing to participate in/with my community to make a difference.

How has your year as council chair been?

It’s been an amazing year, with various ‘High End Functions’, along with local events and functions which always touch my heart.

What do you consider the greatest issue facing our country today?

The welfare reform will bring challenges, along with changes in the NHS, housing needs, head-to-head with development and provision for youth.

And on a South Gloucestershire level?

The same as the previous answer, especially as we have many people coming here to live in South Glos - as our strap-line says, “South Glos is a good place to live and work”.

What about your own ward?

Improvements to be made in transport/travelling to work.

What has been your proudest moment?

Being able to make a difference and in helping to set up the Doctor’s Shuttle at my local G.P. Surgery, enabling patients to travel to their appointments.

How can the nation halt the decline of voters at the polls?

More engagement on each level with all age groups, especially first-time voters and young people.

How do you relax?

Listening to jazz, love dancing (ballroom and free dancing), reading (great library user!), sewing and knitting.

Rovers or City? 

Although I am not strictly a footy fan, I like to see everyone else enjoy the sport.

Where is your favourite place? 

Mevagissey/Fowey, Cornwall.

What’s the best thing about living in Downend?

On a personal level, I so enjoy being here in Downend as it is and has been my home for 63 years, so although there has been much change over the years, I love the feel and familiarity of it all – plus the memories of yesteryear…

What’s the worst thing?

What can I say here? I am very happy here in Downend, so not a lot to say, but it would be nice if I could see some of the old independent shops here again – Kirwins (ladies and children’s dress shop), Masons the Butchers, Hoons Toy Shop, Powells Dairy, Young’s, (paper shop) and Jacky Barnes the hardware store, amongst others.

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  1. John Myram:
    Mar 17, 2016 at 10:38 AM

    Was there any consultation regarding the precept increase of 245.5% this year because this is an outrageous amount of money to be sprung on the unsuspecting council tax payer? If not why not if yes where was it publicised? Thanks

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