Dog walkers — take up the pledge and help keep our streets clean and safe

Published on: 28 Aug 2013

dog walker pledge

WEAR the Green Arm Band – that’s the plea to dog owners who care about protecting our children’s health and keeping our streets and parks clean.

Downend and Bromley Heath Parish Council has adopted the Green Dog Walkers® scheme, which aims to be a friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling.

It has received backing from Christ Church Infant School, whose pupils have designed posters that are on display on paths close to the school.

The idea of Green Dog Walkers® is that participants wear a green arm band to show they have signed a pledge to deal responsibly with their dogs’ mess and help others to do the same.

It is safe to clean up after pets on the spot but if the mess is left worms develop that can cause diseases that may result in pneumonia, asthma and blindness.

Green Dog Walkers® started in Falkirk in Scotland in 2008 and has proved successful in many areas.

DBHPC is one of several South Gloucestershire organisations to support the initiative, which comes at a time when there is a change in the way disposal of dog mess is dealt with in the district. This is likely to mean the removal of many separate “dog poo” bins.

dog poo poster 1

 dog poo poster 2

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