Downend's gift of pencils to African pupils

Published on: 30 May 2017

NEARLY 1,000 pencils have been sent from Downend to a school in an extremely poor area of east Africa.

The next step is to raise money for desks for some of the pupils at the school in Kumi, Uganda. 

The link with the Bazaar School (named because it is in the bazaar area of Kumi) has come about through the charity Mission Direct, whose staff members Richard and Jan Bacon attend Christ Church Downend when they are in the UK.

Both the church and Christ Church Infant School are keen to develop a partnership with the eastern Ugandan school, which has more than 150 children in each year group.

Richard and Jan have described how some pupils are crammed on to the few desks  while the rest sit on the floor at the front of the class and have to strain their necks to see the blackboard.

Sunday school children at Christ Church have raised money for the pencils by saving 5p coins in spice jars.

Now the infant school head teachers, Anna Martin and Sarah Helm, are helping their pupils build links with Bazaar School. They have sent drawings and photos via Richard and Jan  so children start to learn about the differing school experiences between UK and Uganda. 

Bazaar School is due to have two new classrooms this year and CCI hopes to raise funds to buy desks for those classrooms.  The cost is £30 a desk for three children. If  you would like to donate, please contact the school.

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