Father and son are crowned TV champs

Published on: 02 May 2016

Father and son

A TECH-SAVVY father and son team from Mangotsfield have just been crowned champions in a new drone-based TV game show.
Clive Lear and his 14-year-old son George battled their way through to the finals of the first series of CBBC’s Airmageddon to reign victorious.
While George, a pupil at Mangotsfield School, took on the role of aviator, Clive acted as wingman.
They outwitted their opponents using their skill and judgement to manoeuvre their drone, Q Rexx, through a series of tough airborne challenges.
Their aerial artistry included tackling a futuristic ‘airsault’ course where they escaped through a vortex of wind and fire and a ‘bubble burst round’ where George navigated Q Rexx while Clive operated paint ball canons to burst balloons to score points.
The pair went into the final ‘dog fight’ round with a 10 second advantage and used lasers to zap their opponents’ drone sensors. With a 4-0 victory in that round, the dazzling duo were crowned Champions of Airmaggedon.
Clive said the filming had be done in December but he and George were sworn to secrecy about their win until the final aired in April.
“We thought we had a good chance of winning,” he said.
“George flies drones as part of a club and has a number of drones. He’s been flying them for a while so we felt we could do it.
“As the show went on we got more confident but we had some good competition. We kept our heads and George did what he needed to do and concentrated well. I was the one panicking more than George. He was doing all the flying and I just had a few buttons to press and acted as an extra pair of eyes to help him through.”

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