Firefighters in hot pursuit of safety message

Published on: 21 Dec 2016


FOUR firefighters from the Kingswood station tackled the 5k (three mile) Pomphrey Hill parkrun course dressed top to toe in fire fighting equipment weighing in excess of 20kg (3 stone)!

Andy Baker, Scott Cole, Tony Wittcomb and Sean Kendall took on the challenge a week before Christmas to raise awareness of fire safety. Fire is one of the most serious hazards associated with Christmas. You are up to 50 per cent  more likely to die in a house fire over Christmas than at any other time of year. A combination of smoking and drinking alcohol are well-known risk factors, but candle fires also claim lives each year.

After completing the course at Mangotsfield, Andy, a crew manager for Avon Fire and Rescue and a running enthusiast, said that the experience was exhausting.  

He added: "Although the run was tiring and challenging, it was a good way to replicate the arduous nature of our job.  It's great to engage with the local community and promote fire safety."

Running in full kit would be the equivalent of running in an oven glove whilst carrying twenty bags of granulated sugar.  The firefighters each expended more than 1100 calories in 33 minutes - the time that Andy and his colleagues crossed the finish line. 

Andy was cheered on by members of his running club, the Stanbridge Fliers, as well as other runners and the marsalls from Staple Hill Runners.

He said: 'Thirty three minutes is a great time in which to complete this tough, hilly course and it'll help me get a personal best here next week!

" I've been running with the Fliers for a while now and it was great to have them here in such great numbers to support us."

If anyone would like more information on fire safety or to request a home fire safety visit, please go to


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