Goodbye flowers, hello trees

Published on: 28 Oct 2016

Wooden tree

It was very sad this week to see all of the summer flowers being taken down after such a spectacular display. The flowers were beginning to look a little tired, however, and were in need removal.

We met on Friday and planted out 5,000 crocus bulbs, 2,000 daffodil bulbs and a couple of hundred violas - hopefully this will make a wonderful display in the spring. We were joined by the Fishponds & Downend Rotary Group and the Downend Men’s Cycling group for our planting day as well as some of our own members, so many thanks to everyone that took part.

The crocus had been supplied by the Rotary group as part of the Rotary Crocus Campaign which is aiming to help wipe out polio worldwide. We were all given a beautiful fabric crocus flower to wear in order to advertise the campaign.

Our Men and his Tools group (we have officially adopted them!) have also been flat out - they are still fulfilling orders taken in the summer for wooden planters and can take orders for delivery next year if anyone is interested.

They have been cutting logs for more Father Christmas decorations - unfortunately this means more painting for me - and they have started making our wooden Christmas tree decorations. These are beautiful and are as spectacular at night as in the daytime because they are lit up with battery operated tea lights. They come fully dressed with lights and decorations. The Father Christmases and the Christmas trees will be on sale at the Cleeve Wood Shops Christmas event which takes place on Saturday 26th November so please do come along and buy - all monies we make will go to next year’s planting. 

We are still asked in the street if we are employed and funded by the council. The answer is no - we are all volunteers and raise all of our funding. We are reliant on donations from the parish council, companies and individuals (a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed - no matter how large or small - all donations are greatly appreciated) and every penny we raise goes towards our planting.

A few weeks ago we met up one morning and removed the wild flowers from around the trees on Cleeve Hill and Cleeve Wood Road. We have replanted with daffodil bulbs ready for spring and these will hopefully return every year to provide a good display. At this point I would like to ask if people can be very mindful of parking on grass verges around the area - if you look at areas of grass where people do not park the effect is beautiful - however where there are huge rut marks from cars it can look quite unsightly. Can I ask motorists, especially where we have planted bulbs - think twice about your parking and please give the bulbs a chance!

Anyway I am now going into my own garden to do some work (sometimes it gets a bit neglected with so much D&BH in Bloom work!). 


Jackie Baker


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