Grab your passports and explore these fantastic new countries!

Published on: 02 Mar 2015

tynings school

NINE new nations were created by children at The Tynings School in Staple Hill as part of a cross- curricular project.

The pupils studied the values of Britain, discussing the important of respect, tolerance, the rule of law and liberty, before embarking on creating their own countries.

They devised national anthems and flags, currencies and constitutions, and considered the geography and climate of these new lands.

At the end of the week, visitors to the school were given a “passport” and were invited to “travel” to each of the countries to learn the customs and language - once they had cleared border control and had their passports stamped.

Local Labour councillor and would-be MP Ian Boulton led an assembly about British democracy and the importance of voting.

Families also shared information about the countries of origin of Tynings pupils.

Head teacher Ashley Yates said: “Our school truly is world class; our community represents over 40 different countries across the world, and our families speak over 20 languages.”

He added: “The children and staff have really worked hard to create these new countries in just one week; the level of detail I have seen, from 3D models of the countries, new national anthems, tourist brochures and some very well established new constitutions, I think us adults can learn a huge amount from the children about running the country.”

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