How can we keep our sports pavilions?

Published on: 30 Jan 2017

THE sports pavilions at King George V and Bromley Heath playing fields in Downend are likely to have temporary repairs pending decisions on their long-term future.

Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council is set to take over the running of the two parks and their sports pitches from South Gloucestershire Council later this year and has been working with sports teams, Friends groups, Downend School and other users to decide how this might work.

Both pavilions need to be refurbished or replaced, but for the time being the priority is to get them to a useable state.

Parish councillor Ben Burton, who has been leading the talks with user groups, said a number of options had been considered, including demolition of the King George V pavilion.

“The groups have been very helpful in explaining to us what they use the pavilions for, which has informed our decision as to what we need to do. We are finding out the prices for short term renovations. This should allow us some breathing space to look at longer term options,” he said.

“These are community assets and the decisions on their future need to be made by the community as a whole.”

The parish council has ruled out the option of not taking over the pavilions at all, taking them on and doing nothing, or taking on the Bromley Heath pavilion, knocking down King George V and using temporary changing facilities.

A full upgrade for King George V would involve making it watertight and vandal-proof, cladding it, installing new windows and insulation and putting solar panels on the roof.

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