Ian gets a second chance to stand for Parliament

Published on: 31 Oct 2014

STAPLE Hill councillor Ian Boulton has been chosen as the Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate for the seat of Filton and Bradley Stoke at next year’s General Election.

Cllr Boulton, a former chairman of South Gloucestershire Council, was selected by members of the Filton and Bradley Stoke Labour Party on October 6.

He was also the Labour candidate for the same constituency in the 2010 General Election, coming second to Conservative Jack Lopresti.

Cllr Boulton said: “I have known this area all my life and I find it extremely humbling to be asked to represent it at a General Election. 

“While I came second at the last election, I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received to stand again and I am delighted that my local Labour Party has selected me to return as our candidate next year.  

“I am particularly grateful for the encouragement I’ve received from people who didn’t vote for me last time, and may not normally even consider voting for Labour, but feel I would be a hard working constituency Member of Parliament with only our area’s interests at heart.”

The constituency of Filton and Bradley Stoke was created in the boundary shake-up in the 2010 election.

Conservative Mr Lopresti was elected with a 6,914 vote majority (14.3 per cent). Predictions vary for the 2015 election, however election prediction website Election Calculus predicts a Labour gain.

The UKIP candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke, was announced in January as South Gloucestershire councillor Ben Walker, who represents the ward of Bradley Stoke North.

Cllr Boulton, who lives in Staple Hill in the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency, said he would be campaigning on various issues, particularly the cost of living and poverty.

 “I believe we need an MP who has a track record for getting out and about across our constituency and is keen to give our residents a voice in Westminster. We need an MP who will be honest in their campaign promises and will hold the Government, of any party, to account if they fail to address the needs of our residents. 

“Nationally we must tackle the crippling cost of living crisis which is pushing many families into poverty, in particular those families who work and still find it impossible to makes ends meet. Even though our constituency is relatively affluent, and in one of the richest countries in the world, 16 per cent of our local children are living in poverty and facing all the challenges that entails.”

Cllr Boulton, who runs a training company, said providing skills and employment in the district would also be high on his list of priorities.

“Our MP should also be doing everything possible to promote our region and particularly support our high value, hi-tech manufacturing traditions such as our aerospace and wide ranging engineering sectors. 

“It is clear that we must have an MP who is willing to support the direct and indirect jobs provided by our local industries by working to ensure that we have the skills and infrastructure we need to be a world centre of excellence in such a highly competitive global market.”

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