Keep an eye out for stolen number plates

Published on: 03 Mar 2014

We’re asking you to be on the alert for criminals stealing number plates from cars and vans.

Thieves take them to use to try to avoid detection when committing other crimes.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Rachael Hodges said: “A missing number plate is more than just a nuisance. It’s important to report it to us – even if you think it’s just fallen off. If your registration details come up as part of our enquiries into a crime, we could be knocking on your door. Of course if you aren’t displaying your number plate you could face a £60 fine.”

Many of the thefts are happening overnight, while the vehicles are parked on the driveway or roadside.

You can deter thieves by:

nParking your vehicle in a secure garage overnight

nParking where neighbours and passers-by could see anyone tampering with the vehicle

nInstalling motion activated security lighting

nReplacing standard number plate fittings with security screws

Sergeant Hodges said: “It’s really important to call 999 immediately if you see someone acting suspiciously near a car or van. It’s also important to tell us if you find a number plate abandoned. You can report online through our website or by calling 101.”

The neighbourhood team is holding an event where they’ll replace standard number plate fittings with tamper-proof screws – for free.

Anyone can come along to the car park of the Jolly Cobbler, Chiphouse Road, Kingswood, to have their number plate secured between 10am and 1pm on Thursday 13 March.

You can find lots more vehicle security information on our website,

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