Levanna dances at Brits

Published on: 25 Feb 2014


ONE day you’re dancing in Staple Hill, the next you’re bopping away alongside megastar Pharrell Williams at the BRIT awards.

Sounds impossible? Well it’s actually just another day in the life of teen dance sensation Levanna McLean.

Downend Voice featured the 17-year-old when a video showing her northern soul dancing along Staple Hill’s Broad Street to Pharrell’s hit Happy went viral.

The feel-good video, which also showed a mystery pensioner joining in, has been watched by more than 700,000 people around the world.

Followers of Levanna who were watching this year’s BRIT awards saw Pharrell take to the stage to sing his smash hit Happy accompanied by northern soul dancers, one of whom looked suspiciously familiar.

Rumours were rife across social media sites. Was this actually Levanna?

Luckily her brother, Schaeffer, himself a skateboarding wizard, put everyone out of their misery by confirming via Twitter it was indeed Levanna.

The teenager has been told that her video had been behind Pharrell’s decision to have a northern soul theme to his BRIT finale.

She was approached by two “sources” about appearing alongside the superstar.

Following the event on February 19, the sixth-form student at Winterbourne International Academy posted on Facebook: “Still buzzin from last night, what a great experience, loved every minute. Completely exhausted - could barely walk after 3 days of rehearsals. Nice to be back home now.”

Levanna described the experience as the “best night of my life” and an “incredible honour”.

She has posted a string of videos on YouTube all showing her northern soul dancing at various locations including the Suspension Bridge, Glastonbury Tour and even on a famous Russian monument.

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