Loud and clear – choir’s success

Published on: 08 Jun 2015

Loud and clear – choir’s success

A WOMAN'S choir which started just over a year ago is making a name for itself and has already been booked to perform at community events throughout the area.
Bromley Heath Women's Institute Community Choir will perform at Heathfest this summer and at Downend's Christmas light switch-on.
The choir started off as a sub group of Bromley Heath WI but was struggling to get enough people so opened membership out to all members of the community.
Co-ordinator Debbie Ellis: "We had 18 members attending but now we're getting 33 to 35 so we've doubled our membership in the last year.
"We're actually fine for members but would like to encourage as many members of the community as possible to come and join.
"It's a fun choir and there are no auditions. You are either a top voice or a bottom voice so you don't have to know whether you're a soprano, tenor, bass or an alto - it's just for fun."
The choir uses fully qualified musical director Nicholas Bromilow, who is well respected in the area.
The choir meets once a month at weekends for four hours at the Church Centre in Quakers Road. Times can vary due to availability of the hall.
"We start at the beginning of the four hours learning a couple of tracks and then perform them at the end so sessions are on a one-off basis. Although we encourage people to pay for blocks of sessions, they can just turn up for one. It's all about fun; we do it because we love to sing.
Debbie, a member of the Bromley Heath WI committee with responsibility of organising sub groups, said: "We sing pop songs by groups and singers like Abba, ELO, Madonna. They are songs that everybody knows and loves and family and friends that come at the end of the four hours can join in or tap their toes to.
"It's a great laugh. It's serious enough for us to produce a good piece of work at the end of the session but not serious enough that we don't have fun."
The choir has recently performed at Downend and Bromley Heath Parish Council's Annual General Meeting.
"AGMs aren't the most exciting things so I think when we came on at the end, they were all relieved to see us!" joked Debbie.
Invites to perform at various summer fairs have gone out to the choir but due to holiday commitments, members will perform at just one - Heathfest on July 11.
They will also be at the annual Christmas light switch-on.
"We're going to be popping up all over the place!" said Debbie.
"The choir began as one of the first sub groups of the WI 18 months ago and it's now grown into the largest of the sub-group with the most members."
For more information call 956 4993 or email bhwisubgroups@yahoo.co.uk to add your name to a member list. Members will be sent monthly newsletters which include dates, times and songs you will be singing during the sessions.

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