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Published on: 05 Nov 2015

What another busy time this month has been for the Downend and Bromley Heath in Bloom group. We started with a collection in Downend Village where we hoped to coerce the residents of the area into contributing towards next year’s planting.  Well, what a wonderful surprise when we counted the monies collected – the people of Downend and Bromley Heath certainly were extremely generous so thank you so much to everyone who contributed. It was also great to meet and chat with so many people about the flowers, trees and shrubs that were planted this summer.
We really do appreciate all the compliments we have had over the summer about the floral displays and it makes all the efforts of planting and watering worthwhile.
While I am discussing our collection can I just clarify that we are an entirely voluntary group and any money we collect from donations, sponsorship, grants, festivals etc goes entirely towards plants/trees, bulbs, planters and compost. Nobody in the group earns a salary or claims expenses so rest assured all money we receive is well spent. We also do not work for South Gloucestershire Council, as we have been asked many a time while working in our high vis jackets!
 This week you may have seen us out and about working hard.  I am at present sat with my feet up as I have today, along with several other volunteer members, been removing summer bedding in the tree and free standing planters in Downend village. We have planted the tree planters with pansies and violas and planted polyanthus, wallfowers and tulip bulbs in the free standing planters.  Tomorrow is the turn for the remote planters (the grey wooden planters around  Downend and Bromley Heath) and you may have noticed that these planters  do seem to be multiplying around the area! Our handyman Dave has been busy at work producing more of these for us and we hope to place even more around the area.
Towards the end of the month we will be, with the help of Christchurch guides, planting  snowdrops and English bluebells on the green at the junction of Oakdale Road and Quakers Road. Then in November, with the help of the youth group at Christchurch we will be overplanting with primroses. We are hoping that this will give a fabulous display for the springtime.
Whilst we have been out and about we have had feedback from residents regarding the positioning of some the rail baskets in Downend village which we will be looking into. Also we have been asked why we remove the summer floral displays when they are still blooming beautifully. The answer is twofold 1) if we have a frost, which can happen at this time of year, the displays would look very poorly and would need to be removed really quickly which would not be possible and 2) we need to get in winter /spring flowering bulbs and plants and none of us want to do that much later in the year or we will all have frost bite!
We would also like to thank the committee who run the Bromley Heathfest as they adopted us as one of their charities this year and have made a fabulous donation towards our future planting. We really appreciate your support.
If anyone would like more information about our group why not visit our website  
Jackie Baker Secretary

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