Masonic Hall opens up to cast off some of those secrets ...

Published on: 25 Aug 2017

FIFTY people turned up to find out what goes on in the Masonic Hall in Park Road, Stapleton.

The Open Day was part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of Freemasonry.

The visitors were met by members of the seven Gloucestershire lodges and some other Orders that meet at the hall.

Steve Manning, tercentenary events manager for the hall, said: “We answered questions about what we do and what we stand for.  We had displays of the different regalia we wear and explained the symbolism of the lodge furniture.  We were asked lots of questions about our charitable work, which is a significant part of our role in the community.  I can assure everyone, it’s not all serious stuff.  We have a lot of fun.

“The highlight of the day was a visit from the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Lesley Alexander.  She was welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master of Gloucestershire, Tim Henderson-Ross, who lives in Wotton-under-Edge and presides over 83 lodges in the county. 

He explained that masons were persecuted across Europe in the first part of the twentieth century, which had understandably led to secrecy, but now masons are trying to make their movement more open again.

Steve said the Lord Mayor had expressed a great deal of interest in the displays produced for the occasion.  

“She listened to the reasons for some of our odd little quirks -  including handshakes and trouser-legs,” joked Steve.        

 To further demonstrate this openness, Steve suggested Fishponds Voice readers go to the Stapleton Masonic Hall website:

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