Ocean’s global fame

Published on: 29 Oct 2014


GOOD fortune comes in many guises.

But who would have thought a grey and white bunny could help improve the finances of a volunteer animal sanctuary in Staple Hill.

But that’s exactly what happened when Ocean the adopted rabbit found she had fans across the globe.

Ocean was adopted by supply teacher Sue O’Reilly from the Littlest Rescue, a rabbit sanctuary.

Sue, who lives in Staple Hill, was so proud of her cute little pet, she decided to post photos online.

Now Ocean’s internet presence has gone viral, prompting fans in America to send her money.

Ocean has more than 9,000 supporters on Facebook, many of them sending her messages from as far afield as Australia.

Sue, who even sends fans merchandise, is donating all money - so far £2,000 - to the Littlest Rescue.

Bev Taylor, who runs Littlest Rescue with Sharon Porton, said: “We’re ecstatic. Ocean has certainly gone on to stardom. She’s quite a celebrity. It’s amazing what money she’s raised. We didn’t expect anything like that.

“Ocean’s now got her own calendar which is selling like hotcakes and that’s making even more money for us. She’s an amazing bunny.”

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