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Published on: 28 Feb 2016

Cool Crossing

FOR many years Downend Camera Club has been successful in developing the photographic skills of its members, but to many it has provided other beneficial effects.
Mike Ogborne is one of the administrators of the regular club competitions. For over 20 years he has been involved in humanitarian aid and social projects in Eastern Europe, India and Kenya. During that time, photography for him was simply a means to illustrate talks and lectures, often concerned with the distress of the local people and their poor living conditions.
Over time he reached a point where he had become too emotionally involved in what he had seen and needed to take time out to recover, a process helped by the warm and friendly welcome he found when he joined the club in 2007.
He found that listening to talks by expert photographers and entering pictures in competitions not only improved the quality and composition of his pictures, but changed his outlook, teaching him to slow down and observe what is around him and closely observe colours, textures, cloud formations, reflections and shadows.
Although people frequently featured in his work, he now observes them in a new light and is able to record them in normal everyday situations in a way that is refreshing and at times, funny. Humour plays an important part in much of his work, as demonstrated in two out of the three of his pictures shown here.   
Since joining the club, Mike has had pictures displayed in The Western Counties Photographic Exhibition and won local prizes, as well as having his pictures published. Last year, through the sale of his pictures and donations from speaking appointments, he was able to fund a youth camp in Romania for disadvantaged teenagers.
Mike is clear that had he not joined Downend Camera Club it is unlikely that this would have happened.
If you are interested in taking better photographs, come along one Tuesday to a meeting of Downend Camera Club at the Assembly Hall, Salisbury Road, Downend at 7.45pm. Visit the website at for more details.

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