Our Amazon adventure

Published on: 31 Oct 2013

Sue Evans and Ruth Poole amazon

DOWNEND mums Sue Evans and Ruth Poole kayaked 400 miles in the Amazon for charity. Here is their report.

It’s difficult to believe that after 2 years of planning, learning to kayak and training over the winter on frozen canals that it’s all over. But yes we did it, kayaked 545k in the Amazon crossing over into the Amazon River on day nine of our epic adventure. 

Quite honestly we have never done anything as tough as this before. The kayaking day after day was tiring and could have become monotonous without the fantastic scenery, support of the team, singing and silly games which kept us all motivated and on track. The really tough part was the environment. The mosquitoes were relentless, biting through clothing and invading our tents. We all had hundreds of bites and survived on anti-histamines, anti-inflamatories, anti-malarials and bucket loads of Deet insect repellent, which didn’t seem to deter the bugs for a second. The toilet and washing facilities were non-existent as we were wild camping every night on beaches, in remote riverside villages or in the jungle. Bathing in the river became the norm, bearing in mind there were piranha and stingray lurking in the murky depths.

Our guides, who were professional kayakers and the Peruvian equivalent of Crocodile Dundee, admitted on day two that even they had never faced such adverse conditions. Given our lack of experience as kayakers and all things outdoors plus the enormity of the challenge we had undertaken they truly believed that we could not achieve our goal. It took six tough days for us to win their respect and acknowledge that these determined and tenacious Brits were going to succeed. 

What a fantastic adventure despite the discomforts. So what’s next? Watch this space….!

Sue Evans and Ruth Poole amazonSue Evans and Ruth Poole amazonSue Evans and Ruth Poole amazon

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