Paul’s painting comes out on top

Published on: 04 Feb 2015


Harbourside Art Gallery competition winner Paul Weaver with Steve Bowen of Steak of the ArtAN artist from Downend scooped a £3,000 prize having won an art competition to capture the charm of Bristol’s vibrant and historic waterfront.

Organised by the Harbourside Art Gallery, the competition challenged artists to paint a scene of the waterside that was both different and compelling.

Sponsored by Steak of the Art, Paul Weaver’s painting of the famous cranes won the accolades of the judges who said that it was a piece of work that not only made an impactful first impression but kept drawing them back to look at it again and again.

With over 200 entries, the contest to win top spot was very high with the quality of work, according to the judges, being of an exceptional standard.

Paul’s painting is available to buy at Steak of the Art on Harbourside.

Paul said: “I’ve painted in Bristol for over 20 years so know the area intimately. The cranes are an iconic part of the Bristol sky line so I wanted to make sure I included them. The main challenge was to find a dynamic view of a familiar subject, and the composition from on top of the M Shed offered this.

“I see art as a way of helping others see the world in a different way, striving to create a visual language that people can relate to. For any artist, the greatest accolade is for someone to appreciate and connect with your work so to win this prize is a great honour.”

Steve Bowen, owner of Steak of the Art, is now looking to organise an exhibition of Paul’s work where up to 40 pieces will be on display.

Steve said: “When we opened Steak of the Art our intention was to get involved with the Bristol art scene and to encourage local artists to showcase their work. We can’t wait to feature Paul’s work and will hopefully be the first of many local artist exhibitions.”

For further examples on Paul’s work and to find out more about his teaching and workshops, please visit

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