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Published on: 28 Mar 2016


As a parent of three amazing children, I am often asked at what age should children have their eyes checked. Usually an ideal time is in the six months before they start school, and then once every year or two. If your child reports any vision symptoms such as blurred vision, eye rubbing when reading or watching TV (unless just before bed time - which is quite normal), jumping or moving of words, eye ache or headache around their eyes then the time for an eye check has arrived!
Our Optometrists are all parents of school age children themselves and enjoy caring for the eye health and vision of all children. We know that some children can find the thought of going for an eye check all a bit different so we have some books (Bumposaurus the dinosaur who needed glasses is a favourite) you are welcome to read to your children; pop in 10 minutes before their appointment and you can read the book with them in the Practice.
I have worked with young children and babies in the Eye Hospital, so am happy checking the eyes of any age child.
Child eye care appointments are provided without charge, under the NHS, and can be booked by telephoning the practice or just pop in.
If your child’s vision needs help from glasses, either for seeing the school board and television or reading and computers, our two free pairs for kids (NHS voucher) mean you can have a pair for home and school or two different looks. It is not just us parents who get two pairs of glasses these days!
Servicing and repairing the glasses of younger patients is all part of the fun of caring for young eyes. We are always very happy to service children’s glasses without charge. It is very important that all children have correctly fitting glasses. You are welcome to pop in and see one of our experts for fitting advice - even if we did not supply your child’s glasses.
In our profession is seems that barely a month goes by without a new spectacle lens or contact lens being launched.
Our team love this as we are always on the look out for new tech to try so we can recommend the best lenses or contacts for our patients individual needs.
Some of you may enjoy tasting fine wines, we enjoy trying glasses and contact lenses (as well as wine!).
This week the Turners Eye Care team were among a select few invited to the launch of an amazing new contact lens.
I will admit to being quite particular about the contacts I wear and I was impressed.
The new Oasys 1-day lens is designed to give you clearer vision, protect the health of your eyes and provide all day comfortable wear - what more could we ask for from a contact lens. Just get in touch or visit our website ( to request a free trial today. We hope to see you soon!

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