Please Misses! Girls take charge for the day

Published on: 30 Jan 2017


MOVE over, Mrs Osborne – we're running the school our way! That was the message at Christ Church Juniors from nine-year-olds Evie Westacott and Connie Cleave after they became head teachers for the day.

The girls got the chance to take charge after their comedy double act won the school's annual talent contest. They grabbed it with both hands, drawing up a proposal for head teacher Pippa Osborne about how they would like to spend the day.

Mrs Osborne said: “We always have this as the prize for the talent contest, but these two took it to an extreme I have never seen before. They decided they wanted to wear their own clothes for the day, and they brought in hot chocolate, and family photos and pencil pot for the desk.”

The girls' action-packed programme included emailing and speaking to parents, visiting classrooms, distributing stickers, going out on playground duty, creating posters about school values, developing a child-friendly version of the anti-bullying policy and a meeting about improvements to the school hall.

“It was a really lovely day,” said Mrs Osborne. “It shows the kid of school we are – we really care about the individuals and we encourage their ideas. We are not afraid to show that it's cool to love learning.”

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