Preparing for their big day

Published on: 02 May 2016

ST AUGUSTINE of Canterbury in Downend has one of the largest groups it has ever seen preparing for their First Holy Communion.
Thirty one children aged seven and eight meet once a month after Sunday mass to prepare for the big day. They’re being helped and guided by adults and young people from across the parish.
The group spends each session learning about their faith and holy communion by discussing, reading and questioning, as well as a good amount of colouring, bread making and music! The children have also been taking a starring role at mass, helping with readings, bidding prayers, collections and carrying the offertory.
Deacon Mike Belt said: “At a time when some people might question the relevance of the church,
it’s fantastic to see such a large group of children eager not only to discover more
about their faith, but also to become a very vibrant part of our parish. They have shown to be a credit to themselves, and by stepping up and becoming involved they have proven the future of the Downend community is in safe hands.”
The Holy Communion services will take place at St Augustine of Canterbury church on Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15.

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