Progress on road safety around Blackhorse

Published on: 28 Feb 2016

ROGRESS is being made on measures to improve road safety around Blackhorse Primary School.
South Gloucestershire Council has been consulting on proposals to protect the main school entrance  and to prohibit dangerous parking nearby.
The council intends to bring in the restrictions some time before April next year. They will include double yellow lines  at crossing and access points near the school including Blackhorse Lane, Westons Hill Drive, Patch Court, and Meadowcroft.
Single yellow lines will ban parking at other spots during drop-off and pick-up times. Drivers will not be allowed to stop at the main school entrance at any time.
The restrictions on Blackhorse Lane on the hill past the junction with Meadowcroft will allow buses and other vehicles to pass more easily.
Road safety officials say the proposals will complement the 20mph speed limit and traffic calming on Blackhorse Lane.

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