Pupils start their own chaplaincy team

Published on: 02 May 2016

A TEAM of pupils at St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary school are taking faith into their own hands by starting their own chaplaincy team.  
The group, made up of children aged 10 and 11, set up last summer so they’d be ready to get going for the new school year in September.
They’ve been working hard to promote prayer in the school, and have managed to make the chapel a popular place for some of the younger children to visit at lunchtime.
The group have come up with ways of bring the bible to life, like role-playing stories from it and saying prayers together.
The children have also been working with other schools to give the chaplains a chance to meet and get to know other teams, and share experiences and ideas.
Earlier this year St Augustine’s set up an event to share ideas about a Lenten trail, which gave the team inspiration to create one for the whole school during the week leading up to Easter.
As part of their work the team have also been thinking about how everyday choices can impact others around the world. Last term they started running a ‘Friday Fairtrade stall’, choosing the things they wanted to sell, so now all children in the school have the choice to be able to buy snacks during playtime.

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