Sharing the love of books

Published on: 01 Apr 2015

Time 4 Reading Launch

PEOPLE in South Gloucestershire are being encouraged to take part in a year-long programme sharing the love of books.

The Time 4 Reading campaign was launched on World Book Day with a day of book swapping and making time to appreciate the enjoyment of reading.

Council chairman Howard Gawler said: “We know that young children who enjoy reading independently will have had the door opened to new discoveries and wide interests, to knowledge, creativity, and confidence. Reading is the critical route to other subjects as well as a provider of wider opportunities for giving more and getting more from life and work. Research has also shown that keeping mentally active by reading books helps protect the brain in old age, so reading is essential to all aspects of life.”

The Time 4 Reading campaign was praised by author Nathan Filer, from Winterbourne, winner of the Costa Book Award.

He said: “As a child reading didn’t come easily to me, and this turned me away from books for a long time. Today my shelves are full and books are a huge part of my life. I find something a bit miraculous about them - these perfectly portable, no-batteries-required objects that we can pick up for free in our local library, and that might just change the way we think about something forever.

“South Gloucestershire Council’s campaign to encourage and support people of all ages to read for just a short while each day, and to share the books they love, is a wonderful initiative. It will truly enrich people’s lives.”

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