She’s truly inspirational

Published on: 30 Apr 2014

sandie davies

MEMBERS of a remarkable family from Emersons Green had their day in the limelight when Sandie Davis was named Inspirational Mum of the Year.

She received her award from television personality Carol Smillie at a glitzy event in London’s West End in aid of the Caron Keating Foundation, which is run by Caron’s mum Gloria Hunniford.

Sandie, 59, was nominated by her eldest daughter Louise for the way she has dealt with breast cancer, a double mastectomy and bringing up a family that includes several adopted and fostered children with complex needs.

Louise said the way Sandie and husband Jim had coped was brave and admirable. They have two sons living with them, one with Down’s Syndrome and one with myatonic dystrophy, while their daughter Katy, who also has Down’s, is married and lives opposite. Another son, Jack, died at the age of eight.

Louise and her natural brother and sister all have children of their own and mum and dad help out with childcare.

Sandie, who had breast cancer in 2000, discovered last year that she and Louise both had the BRCA1 mutated gene so she had preventative surgery involving the removal of both breasts, and is supporting her daughter through the same operation.

“Truly inspirational,” said Louise – and who could disagree?

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