Shop cat is feline fine, by George

Published on: 24 Mar 2017


THIS little fellow has found himself in the middle of a media frenzy but he appears to be taking it all in his stride.

For unlike most cats who live in owners' houses or wild on the street, George has set up home in the Kingswood branch of Wilko.

He is a familiar sight with many customers visiting the store in Kings Chase Shopping Centre just to catch a glimpse of their feline friend.

George obviously feels entirely comfortable, as more often than not, he's catching 40 winks on the store's display of mats and cushions.

The terrific tabby is proving such a hit, he's even got his own Facebook page where fans share their photos of George relaxing and strolling along the shop's aisles.

George usually appears at around 7am when Wilko team members arrive to open up, and leaves in the evening when the store closes to go back home.

Staff say they love having him in the store and make sure he has enough to drink.

They have put up a sign which says: "Whilst George is a very tolerant friendly cat, please bear in mind he is constantly being petted and fusses, and as with all animals he may be unpredictable when woken or provoked."

Simon Cloke, store manager, said: “Customers are besotted with George – especially now he’s become a bit of a local celebrity.

“We have seen people come from all over to visit George. We’ve spotted that he’s developed a real following Facebook, with fans from all over the world.

"Our team members absolutely love George and see him as a friend to the store. He’s always so pleasant – I’ve never known a cat so comfortable around so many people.

“We definitely are surprised by how much attention George has had in such a short period of time, but it’s not hard see why because he has such a lovely personality.”

Emily Attwood, who took to George's Facebook page to claim she is his owner, said: "He's nearly seven and loves to roam about and meet people."

Downend Voice approached George for a comment but he was too busy sleeping.

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