Simple weight loss tips

Published on: 28 Aug 2013

with Dan Turner of Turners 1-2-1 Personal Training

As a personal trainer I have helped a number of people to lose weight. Here are some tips that have proved useful to the people I have helped.

Speeding up your metabolism is the key to sustained and effective weight loss: eating moderate amounts often, intense exercise, green tea and caffeinated products will all do the trick.

You should be eating 3-5 times a day and breakfast, within an hour of waking, is the most important meal, since it kick-starts you metabolism and sets you up for the day! Almost any breakfasts is better than none at all but try to avoid sugary cereal or white bread/toast since these foods will create a spike in your sugar level and leave you feeling hungry an hour later craving more sugar.

The best plan is to introduce protein to your regular breakfast; eggs, porridge, salmon, beans or nuts and oats are all perfect for this. You should be having a snack 2-3 hours later, something like natural yoghurt, a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit, followed by lunch in a couple of hour’s time.

This should be a balanced meal including, protein, carbs and fats. You need another healthy snack mid-afternoon in-between lunch and dinner.  Dinner should be carb free when wanting to lose weight as majority of people will be inactive afterwards and the carbohydrates will just turn to fat. Chicken or tuna salad, boiled egg and ham salad or a large piece of non-processed meat/ fish with a couple of different types of vegetables, are the perfect dish.

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