Spring bulbs brighten up Downend

Published on: 24 Mar 2017

WOW! How beautiful Downend looks at the moment with all the spring bulbs which seem to multiply every year. I must admit I was rather worried as I was eagerly awaiting the show of crocus on the Bromley Heath Road and nothing had appeared. However, as they say, everything comes to those who wait and we have now been rewarded with a fantastic display - thank goodness we did plant them the right way up!!  The daffodils, especially around the trees on the grass verges of Cleeve Hill also look spectacular and thank you to all those people who are keeping their verges pristine - it really is appreciated. Also, when I was walking around this week, I noticed that our wild flower beds were being prepared at the corner of Cleeve Lodge Road and Badminton Road which is always exciting.

The order for the summer flowers has been put in and we are avidly fundraising to cover the cost of these.  Thank you so much to the ladies of the Monday Club who invited me to talk at their meeting and very kindly presented me with a cheque towards this year's planting. Also to the ladies who gave individual donations or bought bird boxes. I also had an order for a Christmas Tree would you believe - that certainly is forward planning! It was a very pleasant evening with very good company and I even met up with the school secretary and one of the teachers from my children’s infant school from 30 something years ago so that really does make me feel old!

A big thank you to everyone who has been saving tokens for us from the Bristol Post - I don't know if we have collected enough to be awarded any moneys but we have had a jolly good try!

A few more thank yous - one to Downend Round Table for a donation towards planting and to Councillor Jon Hunt who awarded us a MAF award towards new planters for the base of our poles in the High Street. Also a big thank you to the ladies of the Downend Willow Ladies Club who asked if I would like to go to one of their meetings and receive a cheque for D&BH in Bloom. While there one of our members, Parish Councillor Martyn Poole, was giving a talk about his work in an orphanage he is involved with in India - if you ever get the chance do go and listen to him as it is very inspiring.

I am actually sitting in my garden writing this on a reasonably warm (for beginning of March!) day and relishing the spring and summer to come. We have just returned from Dyrham Park where the Hellebore (had to look up the spelling!) in the gardens are spectacular and looking at mine I do think it compares favourably!

I can also smell the perfume of my potted hyacinths and admire the beautiful colours of my tubs of bulbs (I plant them in layers as per instructions on Gardeners World!). I do think we are so lucky in this country to have such beautiful landscapes and colour in our lives - so do sit and take time to appreciate things in our often too busy lives!                      

Jackie Baker


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