Street lights to stay on all night

Published on: 30 Jan 2017


THE controversial policy of turning off many street lights in South Gloucestershire for several hours a night is to end.

Changes in technology mean it is now cheaper to keep the street lights on but dimmed in the early hours than to switch them off.

South Gloucestershire’s Environment and Community Services Committee has therefore voted to drop part-night lighting, which began in 2008 and was fully implemented by 2014.

Committee chair Councillor Heather Goddard said: “As part of an efficiency drive, the previous cross-party administration took the decision to switch off street lights for part of the night.

“This was controversial in some areas, particularly where there were concerns over road safety and crime, and I know most councillors have been contacted with concerns about street lighting.

“As such I am pleased to say that advancing technology allows us to reinstate whole-night lighting by dimming lights after a period of time, rather than switching them off. This will still save us money – it is a win-win that allows us to offer better service at reduced cost.”

Labour’s lead member on the committee, Councillor Ian Boulton, said: “I am pleased to support this move, which takes Labour’s proposal of three years ago further forward. Turning the street lights off has proved controversial, and I suspect that many residents will welcome this change of policy. 

"It will cause a very small increase in CO2 emissions, which I regret, but we will be monitoring further advances in technology which will hopefully address this over time.”

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