The Bake-Off take-off that took off ...

Published on: 28 Feb 2016

bake off

This year’s Christ Church panto had all the ingredients to make a fine offering. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would have been impressed by this rendering of the Great British Bake Off as all sorts of visual wonders purporting to be cakes were produced by the contestants and mess and mayhem prevailed.
Our dastardly villain, very ably played by 9 year old Samuel, had a habit of creeping up on unsuspecting bakers giving the audience,  in time honoured fashion, much scope for shouting out, “He’s behind you !”.... all accompanied by appropriately atmospheric scary music.
Mel and Sue equally ably presented by script writer Anita Dobson and Hannah Falcon Lang, gave children from the audience an opportunity to have a hand in the ‘cooking’ when they engaged in a bit of cake making themselves.
Fairground style music accompanied whirling trolleys which were the baking stations of the contestants - mad Professor Bloomingood, young medic Penny Eclair whose heart was really more with cakes than appendixes, Messy Molly whose creations were a sight to behold and Desperate Dan, a baker in such a hurry he never actually produced a cake. Perhaps jolly music and revolving trolleys might appeal to the makers of the Bake Off for their next series?
With the church festooned with bunting, a wonderfully responsive and generous audience,  a colourful variety of wigs sported by several of the cast, amazing and individually designed aprons, Mary Berry, aka Mary Cherry (Ian Freestone) in pink tights and tutu, this offering couldn’t fail to ‘taste’ scrummy.  Any visitors, unaware of the pantomime theme to our 10.30am Church service were in for a surprise! The message from our panto for Penny Éclair, and perhaps for us all, was that we can all bless others by using our God given talents.
The morning ended in true bake off style with cakes provided by @ChristChYouth – who were raising funds for their @toilettwinning spring challenge. The final total of toilets twinned will be announced at the Youth Hub on March 10 at the end of the challenge! For more info:!ignite-/mainPage or
Church spokesperson Helen Barnett said: “I’ve never laughed so much at the 10.30 service! It was sensational!”
Report by Claire Ball, Christ Church

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