There's no such thing as bad weather

Published on: 27 Oct 2017


As it starts to get wetter and a tad chillier the temptation to keep children indoors ‘protected’ from the elements begins to creep in. This article is a call for you to resist this temptation! At Mud Pie Explorers we firmly agree with John Ruskin’s view that: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather”.

Some of our most memorable and giggly times we’ve spent in the woods with children have taken place in the pouring rain. We’ve laughed while catching hail in our mouths and made the most amazing mud slides which parents have literally thrown themselves into! We’ve hunted for Rain Fairies with torches in the dark, yes they DO exist. The best picnic I ever had was in the woods in the snow. 

So long as children are appropriately dressed so called ‘bad weather’ can provide magical moments that will stay with them for a lifetime! Layers are best as they hold the heat more efficiently. You don’t need fancy base layers (they are good but not essential) as old pyjama bottoms or leggings with a slightly small t-shirt will do the job. Hats and gloves are the most essential bit of kit. We lose the most heat through our heads and cold fingers simply are not fun.

So please this winter wrap yourselves up and get outside making memories together. A warm bath and a cuppa tea will never be as pleasurable after an adventure in the woods on a chilly day, trust me, I’ve done it once or twice! 

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