Thought for the month

The reason for the season

Oct 28 2016

Like many of our long held celebrations now in the UK, this month we may attend a bonfire and firework display without actually giving any thought to why we do so. We might have some remembrance of things taught us at school and pull out the facts during a quiz, but generally the enjoyment of the event has replaced the reason for the event. ... Read More

Faster, stronger, higher

Aug 26 2016

Well I couldn’t resist. The Olympics only come round every 4 years after all, and although my body was advising me otherwise, and I was still recovering from a rather exhausting stint leading a teenage youth camp, I stayed up deep into the small hours of the night to watch Andy Murray pummel his way to his second Olympic gold and Usain Bolt demolish the field to retain his 100m crown. ... Read More

May you find kindness in the chaos

Mar 31 2014

Thought for the month with With Paul Donovan Pendennis Evangelical Church Pendennis Road Staple Hill, Bristol ... Read More

Brighter tomorrows

Mar 03 2014

With Minister Tim Groves Resound Church, Mangotsfield, Bristol... Read More

Don’t worry about the rain, just enjoy splashing in the puddles

Jan 30 2014

With Rev Jonathan Vickery Christ Church, Downend The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it; there ain’t nothing to it. ... Read More

I wish and pray that 2014 brings you renewed hope

Jan 30 2014

With Rev Andy Machin Downend Baptist Church ... Read More

Remember, remember the fifth of November?

Oct 31 2013

With Paul Donovan(Pastor)Pendennis Evangelical Church... Read More

The silent work of community

Sep 26 2013

I HAVE a quirky habit. I enjoy watching my favourite films with the sound off. I like to see the space the actors occupy on the screen. I like to blunt one of my senses and re-experience the familiar with a newfound freshness. You may think me mad, but we’ve all done it…in one form or another.... Read More

Conquer your fear of flying

Aug 28 2013

AS part of the Summer Sunday services for all ages at Christ Church we’ve been treated to some stories from Monty Mouse (who has a strong following on Facebook). One week, the children heard about a rather nervous baby bird who was too frightened to go near the edge of the nest in case he fell out. As time went on and the little bird grew, his mother started to call him to come to the edge and, well, launch off into thin air! After much persuasion from the adult bird (and the congregation) the young one took courage and, with a little nudge, went for it, trusting his parent in spite of the evidence! ... Read More

The value of friendship

Aug 03 2013

When I returned to the UK I noticed a newspaper headline, where a government minister was suggesting that Neighbourhood Watch groups could be utilised to keep an eye out for older people on their own, and possibly even help out with basic care needs, another illustration of how increasingly local communities will take on some of the support functions which both local and national government have fulfilled in the past.... Read More