Three councillors went to mow ...

Published on: 28 Oct 2016


THE unsightly long grass that has blighted parts of Mangotsfield is set to become a thing of the past.

Residents have been demanding action for a couple of years, ever since council budget constraints reduced a lot of the green spaces to only two cuts each summer. Among the areas affected were Rodway Road, Long Road, Northcote Road and Valley Road. People were concerned that it looked untidy, was dangerous to traffic and made the grassed areas unsafe places for children to play.

Now the three Rodway ward councillors have pledged to use a new funding scheme to pay for additional grass cuts in future years.

Michael Bell, Judy Adams and John Sullivan announced their decision to use money from the Member Allocated Funding (MAF) scheme following a public meeting they organised at the church hall in Richmond Road to discuss the problem.

About 30 people attended to air their concerns. Gary Spindler, of Valley Road, who has been leading the residents' battle, said he had discovered that so-called “amenity grass” was cut ten times a year and “highways grass” just twice.

“I have asked the council to reduce the amenity cuts and increase the highways cuts, but unfortunately they have not been prepared to do that,” he said.

Councillor Bell, who has spoken up for the residents at several council meetings, said that some areas had additional cuts funded by their parish councils, but most of Mangotsfield was unparished.

He suggested that the three councillors each allocated £1,000 of their £3,000 MAF allowance for grass cutting, enabling an additional four cuts of highways grass a year throughout the unparished area.

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