Vets advice

Scary sights and sounds

Oct 02 2017

Autumn is everyone’s favourite time of the year; nothing beats a warm drink and a toasty warm house and putting your feet up in front of the fire. From the spooky Halloween costumes, ‘Trick or Treaters’, to the loud bangs, sharp whizzes and bright lights filling our sky with colour on bonfire night, do we ever think of how our pets are feeling during this time of year?... Read More

Remember - your bunny needs a buddy

May 30 2017

THIS month, in conjunction with Rabbit Awareness Week, here at Avenue Veterinary Centre we are celebrating bunnies for the entire month of June! Rabbit Awareness Week is an event held each year across the whole of the UK. ... Read More

The vital work of the Veterinary Nurse

May 02 2017

The month of May celebrates National Veterinary Nurse Month, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of the Veterinary Nursing profession in the provision of responsible pet care.... Read More

Look after your pets

Oct 03 2016

Remember, remember the fifth of November...autumn is my favourite time of the year, and bonfire night at King George V fields is not to be missed, but the whizzes and bangs that delight the child in all of us can be absolutely miserable for our furry friends.... Read More

Acupuncture for dogs

Aug 26 2016

Otis has a wonderful personality – he charges through life full of enthusiasm. It led him into trouble when he didn’t see a chest-height metal fence whilst running full tilt and barrelled into it – ouch! Six months later he was still pretty miserable despite painkillers and hydrotherapy and his owner was missing that ebullient personality and fed up of restricting his exercise to lead-walking. ... Read More

Change one thing!

May 05 2014

Rabbits are the third most popular pets in Britain but are often sadly neglected, having been sold as low maintenance ‘children’s pets’. They do make lovely pets but still require the time and commitment to their care and welfare that every animal needs. Rabbits are not just for Easter, they are a ten year commitment! ... Read More

Vulnerable time for wildlife

Mar 31 2014

It’s official! Spring has finally arrived and with it wildlife newborns who are starting to explore the world around them.... Read More

The benefit of neutering

Jan 30 2014

Many people bring in new puppies and kittens to see us at this time of year. A new arrival is very exciting. ... Read More

A chip on his shoulder

Aug 28 2013

New legislation has recently been announced that means all dogs must be microchipped to permanently identify them by April 2016. For those not familiar with the technology, a microchip is a small device the size and shape of a grain of rice that is implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades and then read with a hand-held scanner. The microchip works like a barcode to give the animal a unique 15 digit number that is then registered on a national database with the keeper’s contact details. It is likely that a substantial fine will be introduced for non-compliance. It is already a legal requirement that all dogs wear a collar and a tag which states the keeper’s name and address, with a maximum fine of £5000. It is a good idea, though not compulsory, to have phone numbers for the keeper and the animal’s vet included.... Read More

Summer risks for pets

Aug 03 2013

During the summer months, most of us are keen to go outside and enjoy the warm and sunny weather. Unfortunately we are not the only ones who are outside in greater numbers, there are more biting insects, bees and wasps at this time of year. ... Read More