When pain turns to joy

Published on: 26 Feb 2018

Paul Donovan, Pastor, Pendennis Good News Church


“You are NEVER going through that again!”  My sincere words to my wife after witnessing all that she and our first baby had to endure during the long labour and difficult delivery (I’ll spare you the gory details!).  However, ‘first baby’ probably gives the game away because amazingly, over the next six years, Rachel did go on to give birth to three more beauties.  

It’s probably far easier for a father to say this (no doubt with a touch of romanticism) but once that precious new life is in your arms, the joy overrides the memory of the pain.  

With Mothering Sunday so close to Easter it is interesting that Jesus likened the feelings his followers would have to that of a woman giving birth.  In some of his final words to his disciples, Jesus sought to prepare them for what would soon happen.  He told them, “In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me."  He was referring to his death through crucifixion, his burial in the tomb and his resurrection to life again.  The disciples would go through a short time of grief and pain, but it would turn to irremovable joy when they saw him again.  

Labour (with the pre and post ‘bits’!) is the price to pay for the joy of a child.  The death of the Son of God was the price paid for the ecstatic joy that would follow.  Jesus had not been defeated, he was the victor over sin, death and Satan.  He was the conqueror, the rescuer, the Saviour for all who would come to him in faith.  His resurrection was the categorical proof that he was who he had claimed to be and who his miracles and teaching endorsed him to be.  The resurrection of Jesus turned the disciple’s grief to joy – it was all true – and that is why the good news spread like wild-fire and has continued to be told for the past two thousand years all around the world.

Never again will Jesus have to go through that for mankind – once was all that was needed.  Life can be full of pain and grief, yet even in that we can know joy in ‘seeing’ Jesus with the eyes of faith – and then one day we will truly see him, and our joy will completely replace the pains.

Paul Donovan

Pendennis Good News Church


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