Who's for a DIY Nativity?

Published on: 24 Nov 2016


DO you feel that you and your family and friends are missing out on Christmas fun? Or are you worried that the “reason for the season” is lost among all the commercialisation?

If  so, the folks at Christ Church Downend have had an idea. They are inviting people to create their own DIY Nativity scenes ahead of the big day.

Anita Dobson, from the church, said: “We were struck by the number of articles in November’s Downend Voice about how lack of funds or volunteers was causing some local activities and celebrations to be downsized or cancelled. We wondered what could lift the spirits and spread a little joy around the community this year - and we came up with this idea."

Here’s what to do: 

* Get together with friends, neighbours, family, a group you belong to

* Choose a day in December and sign up

* Make some kind of nativity scene: with dressing up… toys… lego… icing… play dough… junk .. whatever catches your imagination

* Have fun doing it! And talk about what Christmas means to you.

Take a photo and send it to: anitadobson@christchurchdownend.com on the day you’ve chosen with a sentence describing, “What Christmas means to us.”)

Video footage would be even better than a photo!

Anita said: “We will show the photos at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 4 pm Christ Church Downend, on the web site www.christchurchdownend.com so only send photos you are happy for us to use. (If concerned about children’s photos, disguise well with beards, tea towels etc, or be creative in another way!)”

Start spreading a little joy.


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