Why you should update your browser with Bristol Computer Fix

Published on: 10 Jun 2013

A WEB browser is the software on your computer that you use to access the internet. Although many PC users stick to a preferred web browser it is vital to make sure you are running the most recent version of your browser of choice and here’s why.

 Security - The major concern for users with older browsers is security. When a new version browser is released it often addresses security flaws discovered in previous versions so users who are running out-of-date browser versions may be at increased risk of getting viruses when they surf the internet. Even more concerning is that security vulnerabilities can lead to your personal data being ‘hacked’ or stolen and used to commit fraud either against you or in your name. This should be reason enough alone to make sure your web browser is up-to-date.

 Speed - We all demand quicker and quicker web access as we get used to improved broadband provision and increased download speeds. Web browsers also play a major part in how quickly web pages download and also how many web pages we can have ‘open’ at one time. An up-to-date web browser will ensure that you can surf the internet quickly and also that web ‘multi-tasking’ does not slow down or ‘crash’ your computer.

 New Web Technology - The web changes at quite a pace and older browsers can very soon get left behind. There have been a number of developments in the last three years that have allowed web designers and developers to make more interactive and ‘feature-rich’ web pages. These come under the specifications ‘CSS3’ and ‘HTML5’. If your web browser doesn’t support these new web technologies then you are missing out. If you find that more and more websites are not looking ‘right’, in other words they have problems with the way they display, then it is time to upgrade your browser.

 So, how do you tell what version of a browser you are using? It is pretty simple to tell what version of a browser you are using. Just open up your browser and click on the button marked ‘Help’ and then ‘About’ and it will tell you what version of a browser you are using and whether or not you have the latest version. In most cases doing this will prompt a download of the latest version but, if it doesn’t, you will just need to visit the website for your chosen web browser and download the most recent version from there.

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