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Published on: 01 Aug 2016


THE view of photography as a form of art certainly seemed to influence the judge of the latest club competition. There was no fixed subject, so that allowed for the usual wide range of interesting pictures, but it was those who showed that artistic element who did particularly well. This is true of two of the three images shown here, although they are all technically good in terms of composition, sharpness and exposure. 

The clown in the picture titled ‘Ohno’, seems to have a look of fear in his eyes (suggesting perhaps that he had just seen the kids he was about to entertain!). 

The judge suggested that the ‘Swimmerweb’ picture had something evocative of a David Hockney painting, the poised figure and the blue of the pool. That comment does stick in the mind.

Just in case we get too carried away with our artistic pretensions though, ‘Dinnertime’ as a more conventional nature picture also did well. The subject is extremely sharp against a nicely blurred background, the squirrel is one of the rarer reds, and it is undeniably cute!  

If you are interested in learning more about photography or want to contribute your own work come along one Tuesday to a meeting of Downend Camera Club at the Assembly Hall, Salisbury Road, Downend at 7.45pm. Visit the website at for details of the club and upcoming events on the programme. 

August highlights are:

Dave Russell “Travels with my camera”


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